First official day

Today marks the first official day of training. Perhaps I should wait until I’m actually registered for the race to make it official, but as of today my coach has started providing planned workouts and this morning I enjoyed my first coach-assigned session. My biggest challenge as an athlete is enjoying rest, celebrating a job well done, and knowing when enough is enough, but I think that working with a coach will really help me in those departments.

My prescribed workout today was a brick: 30-50 mile bike, 30 minute run. Given that my foot is still pretty injured I know better than to push the run (ok, maybe I don’t totally entirely know but at least sort of…), but it took every ounce of control, coupled with low energy from lack of Gu, to pull a u-turn on my bike at mile 25 and not one-tenth of a mile further. Lucky for all of us I gain as much satisfaction from being a good rule-follower as pushing myself so having a plan that a smart and qualified athlete put together with exactly me in mind should serve as good direction as well as constraint.

The road was beautiful today, a perfect morning for enjoying hours of sunshine. I passed through lots of tri training clinics and practice racers out there, as well as my first funeral procession on bike (apparently I was suppossed to pull over to the side of the road even though I was heading the opposite direction?). I’m getting a lot more comfortable on my bike and might even claim to be okay eating and hydrating while riding soon.

While today marks my first official day of training, it also marks my first official PNW sunburn of the year!


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