Bike Lessons

I broke down a new barrier today and hit 60+ miles on the bike for the first time ever. 67.5 to be exact!

A couple of things I learned:

-Scout course elevation before you ride. Better yet, drive it. I had no idea the Kirkland hills were HILLS and didn’t do a great job of pushing myself up them or recovering down them.

-Mid-bite I hit a bump and my fuel went flying. Luckily I had some extra Clif Shots but I really could have used another bar, some gu’s, or anything with calories! Next time I’ll bring more food, and cash, just in case.

-People think you’re crazy when you ride in the overcast morning in a singlet top, or at least that’s how they look at you! Well, I think they’re crazy, because two hours later when I was still on the bike and the sun came out I sure was glad I had that extra ventilation.

-I can see much better with my helmet’s visor removed. Glad I decided to try that out before my next race.


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