T2 Baby!

We FINALLY received our volunteer assignments for IMC today and I’m quite happy to report that we got placed at our #1 station… T2 Baby!! I will admit that I’m partially volunteering for selfish reasons: I want to get up close and personal with the action so that I can pick up some tips, and I also want to get priority for registration come Monday morning. Lines = suck. But, the volunteers at Boston were especially inspiring and their service made me want to do what I can to help when I can… And at IMC I could watch, or help! And Garth is just so fantastic that he never questioned any of it… reason #43892578495435874 that I’m the luckiest ever. EVER.

My expectations are really built up for the whole experience. I’m so mentally committed that there’s already no turning back, but hopefully this taste will hold me over through dreary winter until more mild days can pick me up around the bend.


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