Don’t Worry!

Here’s a list of things that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow:

-Being cold, muddy or rained on. The swim will be chilly but with a forecast of 80+ degree sun and some unseasonal humidity my bike and run will be nothing at all like my training ride on the course.

-Forgetting my bike. It’s already racked and ready to go.

-Losing a gu. I have enough gu’s and chomps packed up to feel a small army (of triathletes).

-Looking like an amateur in transition. My latest addition to the unbelievable (and awesome) amount of gear that one needs for this sport is a blueseventy transition bag. It’s super pretty. And do note I said IN transition, not DURING transition. I reserve the right to look like an amateur while going from swim to bike or bike to run, but my stuff will look cool sitting in between it all.

-Not having support. I have a wonderful husband who will be there to cheer me on and document the (awesome, yes, awesome) day, so many stellar friends have already thought to wish me well, and my fantastic Coach has turned a runner into someone who can swim and bike, too, in less than 2 months. If nothing else everyone else believes in me!

-That I’ll start out dehydrated. My pee is currently clear and I intend to keep it that way.

Though my list of things to worry about is currently a bit longer, at this very moment I’m not actually feeling worry in regards to anything. I’m choosing to know that I’ve packed everything I need, that I’ve done everything I can, and what will be will be! Hopefully what will be is FAST.


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