We Will Meet Again

Dear Boston Marathon,

Thank you for publishing the Qualified Performances & Accepted Times so quickly after the registration process ended. I know that the qualifying times will be revised next year, but the accepted times from this year inspire me. It is certain, we will one day meet again. Like much of the (running) world I’ve been anxiously waiting the results of the circus (also known as registration), though on a positive note this year’s sign-up has been reviewed more like a well-organized college course registration process rather than, oh, I don’t know, the trip to the DMV of last year’s game. I have some different goals this year so I won’t be seeing you soon, but Boston means no less to me in my heart and I’m happy to feel confident that I’ll see you again.

I’ve heard (okay, read online) a lot of complaints about the change in process and qualification times, but I’d like to go out on a limb and support it wholeheartedly. I can understand the frustration; your marathon means different things to different people and for some who have been working so hard for such a long time, it may now be out of reach. But, the prestige of Boston has been created because it takes a certain something to withstand what it takes to get there; the build up is what makes it such a beautiful thing to be part of.

Thanks for keeping your standards high, and thanks for keeping the marathoning world striving to be better, and faster.

Yours in Running,



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