What happened?

“Looked like you had an awesome race – although, I have to ask, what happened on the swim? Would have thought you would be faster . . . . ”

Yes. Thank you. Finally.

My ego needed that question to be asked.

I appreciate the love and support that my family and friends have provided to no end, and I don’t feel, or intend to sound, ungrateful. Being that this was my first 70.3 I needed a level of blind support and people to encourage me with or without knowledge of what this all means, and without judgement of how it all turned out. I needed some “You’re-Awesome-For-Even-Trying.”

And I’ll take some of that kind of awesome, gladly. But that question, that very astute question, knocked my Triathlete Tiara right off my head that day, in the best way possible. I wanted someone to say it, and have wanted to say it myself, but I’ve been too busy masking that one letdown with the genuine success and excitement from the race overall. However, no matter how well things went I am better than that, and my type-A heart needed to recognize that with someone that wouldn’t respond with, “congrats,” just because they don’t know what else to say or what I’m capable of.

My race on Saturday was a really good one. I made good decisions, I overcame challenges, I met my goals and on paper, all things considered, it looks pretty darn phenominal. I’m not hung up on the should have would have of it all; I freaked out and that sucks and next time I won’t. But. I could have done better. I am a better faster swimmer than that.


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