Partners in Water Hoarding

Today has been an awesomely refreshing self-imposed rest day. I woke up already tired and lethargic; maybe I stayed up too late and drank too much last night, maybe not. Wish as you might, you may never know. However I quickly decided to devote today to doing nothing. Lots of lounging, a boat ride, and a few beers later and though still tired I feel mentally refreshed.

I always hate giving in to an unplanned rest day, because I feel like if I give in once the likelihood that it will happen again increases exponentially. Like, once you have a donut for breakfast you should probably just have a burger and fries for lunch and then, oh, I dunno, a milkshake and chicken fingers for dinner. But really, when I kill my own momentum I always want to smack myself upside the head a bit. I feel weak and as though I bypassed an opportunity to be better.

Being on vacation I don’t feel quite as bad as I would at home in Seattle; if I have one lazy day while in Hawaii we’ll all keep breathing. I also don’t feel quite as bad because I don’t have the same kind of immediate performance expectations as I did all summer. I now know what I can expect out of myself when I tri (hahahaha, I crack myself up, maybe it’s those beers) and I have a measurement in terms of performance and capacity. I know I can afford to be lazy for one day now, and that in 6 months I’ll be glad I took the opportunity.

I also don’t feel bad (can you tell I’m convincing myself?) because yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to my #1 fan, my bike carrier, my equipment manager, my dry clothes protector, my partner in water hoarding, my best and favorite reminder that I can always do and be better, but that I’ll be loved all the same. Thank you for putting up with my 5am wake up calls and 9pm bedtime, my same pre-race meal before, the growing collection of water bottles taking over our back room and my inability to talk about much other than triathlon these days. I love you to the moon and back.


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  1. Kelly Knutson

    I love water hoarding!!

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