I’m sort of kicking myself right now, as I sit here in Hawaii, for not better planning our trip. We’re lucky to be here, but how awesome would it have been to extend it for an additional weekend out on the big island for the big event, the Ironman World Championships? Answer: It would have been awesome. Very very awesome.

I’m not set on making Kona a mandatory part of my triathlon resume, but I would have loved to support and cheer those on that have made getting there their entire life. Because that’s what it takes; whether you are a pro or an age grouper it’s competitive, and to get to Kona you have to make both qualifying and training for that one day your.whole.life. I’m pretty dedicated, and fit into the 100%-all-in-or-won’t-play-at-all category of person, but Kona. Deep breath. It’s so inspiring to feel part of something that special and big though, an event that means a lot to everyone but that at the same time means something huge but different to every single person racing.

I’ve put my internet stalking capabilities to good use and am currently following most of the pro’s and products that are in Kona on Twitter. It’s been a really fun way to learn how things work and what happens over there. What’s the underpants run, you ask? Who has heard of a beer brand as an “official” recovery sponsor? Where do lots of athletes stay (no, I won’t be in-person stalking)? Much of the information I’m learning is inconsequential, but it’s fun to know about and feel not so far from. I know, I know, “Welcome to the twittersphere newbie.” It’s such a good way to learn from afar though, especially when you are a listener before a doer, like me.

I very much plan to continue my twitter stalking past Kona and into next year, and hopefully will continue to pick up tips along the way. And I VERY VERY much plan to try to watch some of Kona live next Sunday. My monopolizing of the TV will be a good early b-day present (goodbye NFL, hello triathlon!), anyway…


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