The Face of the Marathon

In regards to the marathon:

“At the finish, I don’t know if I won’t cry”

“The best part is every time meeting nice new people”

“(I was) hanging on by a thread. That’s what brought me to running.”

“Inexpressible joy.  And relief. And pride, of course.”

“It is a wonderful feeling to run through a city and the people cheer and encourage you for something you love to do.”

“I’m running, because I love to overcome my weaker self”

“…after a bad day, there will always come a better one.”

“What emotions do I associate with the marathon? Absolute willpower.”

“My running motivation is…and the possibility to give my thoughts the full scope.”

“I wish the wonderful feeling after a marathon would be eternal.”

I can’t say any of these things any better myself. So instead watch the faces and emotions of 15 people as they complete the 2011 Berlin Marathon.

The Face of the Marathon


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