If Pink is the New Black, Triathlon is the New Golf

Okay, not really. Honeysuckle was SO 2011, so I’m sure we’ll get something more exciting than a shade of pink for 2012. But triathlon really is the new golf, and even AdAge agrees:


Now, since I’m part of Club Triathlon as well as Club Advertising I feel compelled to have an opinion on the article. For the record, I both agree and think it’s awesome.

As Ad Age states, we are a bright, motivated, and driven group of people. We have money to spend and we want to spend it at being the best we can. And we’ll even travel to do it. Triathletes are a Type A obsessive bunch and want to feel supported and acknowledged at our level of competition within the sport. Exhibit A: Since triathlon has won out “just running” I’ve purchased more things than I’d like to admit on the Internet, including: special laces, used bike, new wheel set, race wear, new helmet (post crash), 4 race registrations one of which was $712, pool usage fees, a new garmin, and the list goes on and will continue to. I’ve forgone a normal gym membership to work with a coach and a team, and rather than keeping up with J.Crew’s winterwear I stalk Lululemon, Road Runner and TriSports to find my must-haves. And I am loving every single second of drinking the triathlon flavored kool-aid, and am constantly thirsty for more.

Now the question becomes how to use this to my advantage? They say “do what you love,” and, “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” So how can I marry my job that I’m good at (advertising, communications, marketing) with what I happily fall asleep thinking about, hope to dream about, and wake up to train for (triathlon)?

Now accepting any and all suggestions.


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