Running Reminder

Fall always reminds me while I love to run, and this morning was no exception. In fact, this morning was one of the best runs that I’ve had in a long time. Almost as good as the one during which I proclaimed myself a runner. Yesterday’s session was pretty terrible; during that run I felt like a congested elephant, unable to breathe, unable to move quickly, and unable to take a step forward without a huge massive THUMP. I’m quite happy to have recovered from that crappy feeling and to have regained confidence so quickly.

Today was a slow and steady long run. I circled two lakes, ran up a long and steady incline, passed through two separate 5k’s, waved at a few runners wearing the same race tech shirt as me, and enjoyed a silvery overcast sky and grassy fields littered with orange, red and gold leaves. The fall colors are so much more vibrant through cloud-filtered light against a silvery sky! Every once in a while I noticed that I could see my breath, and though my skin was chilled from the air and wind my muscles were plenty warm while pumping away.

There were also lots of cyclists on the road. They made me want to A. Go buy my new bikes immediately, and B. Go for a ride!

Today my heart rate maxed out higher than prescribed, but the 12.4mi at a 8:12 pace felt effortless. I felt like I was skipping along, enjoying the scenery for 1:42, occasionally having to zone in during the couple inclines. When I work too hard I tend not to take in what’s happening around me, but today I was able to really enjoy it all, including each and every stride that I took. I do think my heart rate monitor might be a little bit screwed though; it said my high was 220bpm and there is just no way.

Here’s to hoping the next few weekends have weather and runs that are just as good as this one!


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