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This morning was my first pool session since Black Diamond. Yeah, I “swam” in Hawaii, but it was so beautiful that it didn’t seem like work. It felt good to be back in the pool with some structure, but was also a good reminder that I have some serious work to do. It’s amazing how much you can lose in just a month. I don’t think I’ve lost much fitness, but swimming is so technical and the smallest change in form can make or break you. Let’s just say this morning I spent much of my time trying to keep from breaking.

Good news is that Fridays are pretty quiet at the pool. I had a lane to myself for a while and then joined a lane with two folks once my drills required more speed. For the first time in a while there wasn’t any dodging or hurrying to avoid fellow swimmers, so I could really just concentrate on myself and try to get in the zone. I’ll be back at the pool on Monday so I’m holding off on judgement until then. I’ll wait to decide if I’ve lost progress until after Monday’s swim.

I’m also in the market for a new bike. One that will give me an edge by saving me some energy on the longer rides, as well as cut some time in race. And it has to be pretty, duh. I’ve proven to be not slow on the bike leg, but it’s still the part that I’m least comfortable with. With what I have coming next season, and some new goals I’m working toward, it’s going to be well worth the investment to upgrade to better equipment that will get me more aero and more competitive. Equipment is only as good as it’s user, but I’m not trying to make up for lack of fitness or hard work. I want to work hard and ride a fast bike, a winning combination.

I test rode some bikes last weekend but didn’t come up with a true winner. The Blue Triad Ex rode like a dream. Truly. I had just finished up a 12 mi run, but I hopped on that bike and just flew down the Burke Gilman as though on clouds rather than a ripped up paved trail littered with small children, drunk students and the occasional squirrel. But due to the geometry and my petite stature I wouldn’t be left with much room for adjustment, even with Blue’s XS size. To get the fit right I’d have to majorly adjust the with a new set of aero bars, sort of a pain when you’re already spending so much. I also rode the Cervelo P2 & P3, and it was pretty significant how different they felt. We were trying our best to make a size 51 work so that I can have 700 wheels, but the size 48 would really be a better option despite the 650c’s. The P3 rode very well too and felt like an extension of my body. It was easy to handle, of course looks great, and even though it was a bit big I really didn’t feel stretched so I can only imagine the 48 will be more natural. Last but not least we tried to adjust the Orbea Ordu to a comfortable level, but the design didn’t allow the seat to come down enough for me to peddle. So I skipped it.

So while I have to wait for the 2012 bikes to get in store so I can re-test everything, I plan to spend the next 2-3 months looking at bike porn and drooling over the countless amazing options. Here are some of my current flames:

I love this bike. Like, really love. The Blue Black SL 2012. If money were no object I’d definitely splurge on this number. So understated and badass. Sort of like the honey  badger of bikes. Hopefully between now and when they ship out I’ll win the lottery so I can validate the investment.

Blue Black SL 2012

This is what I’ll probably end up with, the Cervelo P3. Not that this is really a second choice, because it’s a sexy bike that has a proven track record for being faster than fast. I’m sure I could do some good damage on this little number.

Cervelo P3 2012

Maybe I should be considering Trek, too. I like the Speed Concept 7.5 okay, but the frames have a tendency to be over-designed visually, in my opinion. I’d rather be a silent killer, but this design is quiet enough for me.

Trek Speed Concept 7.5

If any readers have bike suggestions that I should be considering by all means shoot some advice my way!


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