Getting Better

There aren’t many things that put me in a better mood than running in chilly fall air under a clear sky. An added bonus: hearing leaves crunch under your feet. And extra credit: Running fast, feeling strong, and smashing a 400/800 workout with energy leftover. And just as awesome: Post run laughs with tired and sweaty friends.

Happy to report that I aced all of the above tonight. I love feeling hard work pay off with tangible progress (i.e. fast times). There have been sessions in the past weeks where I feel like I could have done better, or things should have been easier if I’m planning to race at the level I’d like. But even during days of blah I’ve worked through, done the best I could muster and have pulled it together to get my job done. You never really know whether that’s good enough though, and I guess I still don’t, but posting faster times and feeling less pain tips the scale in the direction I’m looking for.

I’m feeling good about getting better and being faster. Progress is good. But the part I’m most excited about is the time that I have left to work harder, grow more, and really find out what I can do.


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