I’ve always been captivated by Nike’s advertising. Before I knew I wanted to work in the field, and before I played any sports that Nike sold attire/equipment for (my gymnastics days), I tore their ads out of all my magazines and posted them on my childhood walls for inspiration. Heck, I didn’t even like running back then, but Nike portrayed strong and fit female athletes that I aspired to be. Nike didn’t use the girl power card and that was part of what won me over; instead they confidently knew that of course women can do it. Be strong, train hard, have focus, don’t give up. That’s the same for all men and women.

From when I was that pre-teen posting their pages on my walls, all the way until now, I’ve always wanted to define myself by the sports I play, the training I do, and the work I put in. I relate to it all differently now, certain Nike imagery has really moved me and/or still does. Toping that list as my all time favorite ad is Move. On the least inspiring of days, just the audio playing behind my outlook email window lifts me up. Playing sports is a beautiful thing.


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