What We All Think About

Thank you, Lauren Fleshman, for talking about what we all think about: poop. I’ve raced 3 marathons, soon-to-be 3 halfs, and a 70.3 triathlon, and I think about poop every.single.time. Not in a “I think about shit” way, meaning nothing of importance, but literally, poop. Will I ever not think about it before a race? Probably not. But it’s nice to know that I’m not the only psycho out there.

You or I may just have to go at any moment, really. But after all that training it better not take even one minute away from my race. Yeah, I’m fast. You think that a quick porta potty stop doesn’t cost much, but having to stop is mentally hard, and then having to run again and get back up to pace is even harder.

For days before a race I plan all my meals around the goal of not worrying about it during my race. I practice new meals, food combinations and meal timing on long run weekends to simulate the race and how things will, uh, affect me. I practice my hydration, test new gels, gu’s, bars, electrolyte replacements and then test them again to make sure my stomach’s acceptance wasn’t a fluke.

Now, pee. I don’t worry so much about pee. Much more discreet and much less uncomfortable. Not that I’ve done it, but if I had a peemergency I could be fine with going anywhere, at any time. I’ve been told it’s common courtesy to make sure no one is tailing you before you go, but hey, I sort of think that if you’re drafting payback’s a bitch! And I sweat so much that by the time I’m done with my run you’d have no clue whether it was sweat or otherwise. Heck, I probably wouldn’t know, either! And now you’ll always wonder, huh? 🙂


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