Workout Report: The last long run before Seattle Half

I had a good strong long run today. Nearly 17 miles total, including a short warm up, 15.6 miles tracked, and then a slow jog home from the Seattle Half Marathon finish line to, uh, get home, and I used the extra bit to shake out my legs and return to a more normal heart rate slowly.

Today’s assignment was 15 miles, with the first 7.5 miles to be held under an 8 min pace and the last 7.5 miles to be held under a 7:30 min pace. My heart rate monitor wasn’t working, and I forgot to hit “lap” halfway in, so data-wise it was a bust. Nonetheless I averaged a 7:36 min/mile for 15.6 miles, and that’s significantly faster than I’ve ever run for that kind of distance. So, I feel okay patting myself on the back and eating my foot-long subway turkey sandwich in celebration. I do think I could have done better – I had enough juice left to run home! – but I was riding the line and didn’t want my legs to stop listening to my brain too far from the finish. I think I played it a little too safe physically, but psychologically I gained from the exercise and with fewer miles, race day adrenaline, and fast folks to pull off of I think I can drop the hammer and do some additional damage on November 27.

For the first 8 miles I had great company. Today marked the first Saturday morning Corpore Sano Sports Performance team run, but my coach and I were the only ones to show. So, I had my own special escort around Lake Union who kept pace and provided entertainment on a loop I’ve run more times than is possible to count. It was great fun! Usually I allow myself the luxury of tunes on a long run, but after the friendly distraction for part 1, part 2 breezed right by my the techno beats were hardly necessary. Before I knew it I was crossing over I-5 and could spot my finish about 1 mile away, and then my run was over.

My coach shared what he thinks my goal should be for the Seattle Half, and though it sounds fast I’m starting to believe I have it in me. 1 hour 35 minutes and change. A 7:15 minute/mile pace. If I think about it too much I start to question how exactly that will play out, but I think my legs and lungs can pull it together if I sit back and allow them to lead. I’m getting excited to run a race again, and I think I’m also getting closer to the race mentality. I’ll report back on that in 2+ weeks.


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