Rain x 9

This is what I have to look forward to. 9 of the next 10 days will pretty much guaranteed have some form of rain, be it sprinkling, raining, slushing, pouring, misting, winding, splashing, or what have you.

I enjoy running in the rain so this doesn’t scare me too much, but if I had my way I’d work in some dry days too. I wouldn’t push my luck with sun, nor with 0 MPH winds. Just no rain. Running in the this weather pattern makes me feel hardcore, like I’m working hard for something that not just anyone has the will to attack, but as good as it is for the soul it does make it challenging to face. My second favorite part, second only to the feeling I get once I’m wet and freezing and kicking all the butts of those little rain drops, is seeing the few and far between other runners out on the road, gutting through it. I give those runners an extra hearty head nod and wave, knowing that we’re in it together.

But I am grateful that I don’t have any outdoor cycling sessions planned. And I’m also glad that my longest run until the Seattle Half is 9 miles. Hopefully it’s not “snow showering” for that one…


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