Triathlon Thanksgiving

No, I’m not talking about a gravy, turkey & pumpkin pie eating contest. Though that’s similar to swimming, biking and running, and sounds like FUN, so good guess!

Here are some triathlon things that I’m very grateful for this holiday season:

Training Peaks website, also known as my training bible. Without you I wouldn't remember whether I should run two miles or eighteen miles tomorrow, and I'd probably forget to stretch, too.

Terry Gelissimo Butterfly Saddle. My girly bits thank you, lots.

Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter. My favorite way to replenish calories.

Gingerbread Lattes. Lots of them. Nonfat, no whip, light on the syrup. Please. Thank you.

Saucony ViziPRO Lux Shirt. The best way to make friends with runners, because who doesn't smile when you run by lit up in neon pink? Also a good way to be seen by cars, trucks, cyclists and dogs. Important safety stuff.

Road Runner Sports Medium Low Sock. I still lose toenails, but that's not your fault. Thanks to these little white numbers I can check 'blisters' off my Worry List.

Gu's Pineapple Roctane. It's like candy. I SWEAR I won't get sick of this flavor, but feel free to check in on that statement come July...

Nike Poly Tank Suit. Good coverage, no chafing, but I feel a little more stylish in my swim cap with the thin lady-like straps.

Brooks Ghost 3. Because of you I enjoyed Boston despite injury. Because of you I was able to run at all. I also love your sister the Ghost 4, but you'll always be my first Brooks love.

But the most important thank you I have to give is to my wonderful husband, supportive friends, and #1 Fan family. I appreciate your love and support more than you know and wouldn’t be loving this journey so much without you. Thank you for understanding that sometimes I really can’t have one more glass of wine, and accepting that this is so important to me. Thanks for not thinking I’m crazy, or at the very least not saying it out loud. Thank you for listening to me talk about my races and paces more than your ears can stand, and for believing that I can do this. Because without you, I probably couldn’t.


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