Ready For Another Marathon

After Sunday’s race running last night felt good. Very very very good. No foot pain, minimal soreness, my body felt loose and ready to run. Running just for the sake of it, without any imminent races or goals was a good way to wipe my brain clean and start fresh. The workout was surely speed work but a doable set; as I ran I felt my body light and flying, there was no fighting or fatigue or holding back. I walked back to my car sweaty, energized, and smiling.

Thank you track and running friends. I’m ready for another race.

I’ve been feeling ready for another marathon, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m trying to take my running in particular one day at a time so that I stay healthy and ready to ramp up for Ironman. I don’t want to compromise anything important so I’m being cautious and careful, and am trying to be smart. Historically, I’m sometimes not (smart) so I’m really trying here. But I also don’t want to be overly cautious. I love the marathon and if one can be reasonably done I want to give it a shot. Please do quote me on this, but I’m even okay if it’s not an A race. I’m even okay if I’m not completely smashed when I finish! But how ’bout partially smashed? Please?

I want to train through the next few horrendous-weather months and have that light, my favorite light, at the end of the winter tunnel. And in the meantime I want to practice racing at some local 10k and 15k events to get used to enduring racing pain. I want to keep building my swimming and biking, even if it compromises my marathon speed some, because the real goal is Canada and I need my strength in all three disciplines. But can’t a girl have a little marathon fun on the way?

Think I can squeeze in a March or April marathon? Any suggestions?


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