Running Slippers

This morning I woke up a later than usual. I usually do a 6-8 mile run plus 1:15:00 of weights on Thursday mornings. It’s generally a big morning for one of the most tired days of the week, but last night I had a good chunk of time to myself so I knocked my weights out a day early to allow myself some extra zzz’s.

Forewarning: Extra zzz’s always throw me off.

I hopped out of bed laid in bed for about 5 minutes after my alarm clock went off, and contemplated whether I should really get out of bed. No. Yes. No. Yes. Really? Definitely. I got up, stretched, pulled on my running tights and made it downstairs.

I dawdled for a little bit, checking twitter and my RSS feed while stretching. I got my ear warmer and heart rate monitor and gloves all situated. I realized I forgot my key, so I disassembled myself, pried it off the larger key ring, stowed it in my pocket, got re-situated, and stood at the front door thinking about whether there was anything left to do. Nope, there wasn’t. Just the actual running was left to do.

I closed the door behind me and stood on the sidewalk while my Garmin caught a GPS signal. As the signal reached full strength I went to take my first step and realized.

I was still wearing my slippers!

It’s been a few days in a row of joys like that. I was tempted to just run in them, but decided that my podiatrist, who I was seeing just a few hours later, probably wouldn’t approve. So inside I went to put on my real shoes, and I ran happily ever after.


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