Friday Five: Race Edition

My very own Friday Five.

  1. Lake Samish Half Marathon // 8-Jan
  2. Magnuson 10k // 14-Jan
  3. Fort Langley Historic Half Marathon // 19-Feb
  4. Cove to Clover 10k // 11-Mar
  5. Mercer Island Half Marathon // 25-Mar

That’s right. I finally decided on my first 5 races for 2012!

I had my heart set on running a winter marathon to qualify for Boston 2013, but after I wrestled with the pro’s and con’s for way way way too long, unsuccessfully tried to trick my coach into picking a schedule for me, polled anyone who would listen forced EVERYONE to listen and vote, then thought for another few days, I decided that I need to listen to my head right now in order to follow my heart in August.

The marathon started all of the love and madness for me so  it will always hold a special place in my heart and mind. I am a triathlete, but I was a runner first and for as long as my body will let me I will be. Each marathon is a story and I want to add more chapters to that book, and race Boston again without any of the injury crap. But based on my progress and fitness and health I have no doubt that I’ll be able to run and run well in the future.

In order to get where I want to go more immediately I need to practice racing, sharpen my technique in the water and on the bike, and get faster at basically everything. And in order to best do that the half marathon should prove to be more fruitful and fitting with less risk. So onward! And here’s to breaking the 1:35 barrier!


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