Do you want to Share the Deal/Ride with Me & Cervelo?

If you don’t remember (I do!) I spent weeks on a bike search this fall, only to find that there were no P3’s in a 48cm in Washington. Or Oregon. Or the southern half of British Columbia. I was disappointed, and almost got a P2 as a consolation prize to myself, but I stayed strong and decided to hold out until winter. News came recently that the 2012’s actually wouldn’t be in until March as a best case scenario, so I had sort of closed this chapter in my mind until Spring when there was actually a chance at a bike.

Thanks to the Cervelo Share the Ride deal I started up on a bike search again, and the short story is that my bike will be here soon! Hopefully it will be under my butt by next weekend. You know, because you sit on a bike?

Hello my pretty! Can

You gotta love social media; I posted the deal as soon as I heard about it, and within hours received a message from a colleague who had a bike at his shop. After a few phone calls and emails and 24 hours, according to my Visa card, it was officially this girl’s pretty pretty bike.

The sad part of the story is that I didn’t find a partner to share the deal with, so if anyone is looking to purchase a Cervelo in Orange County by January 31 message me and we can each walk away $1k richer. I know you want $1,000, so do it!


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One response to “Do you want to Share the Deal/Ride with Me & Cervelo?

  1. Wow, $1000 off?! That’s a killer deal! I’m in the market for a tri bike, but I have not searched out the perfect bike, or else I might have to hop on this deal with you. Enjoy that beauty!

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