‘Twas a SBR Christmas

My Christmas weekend was a long one, and in the 5 days I:

  • Ran 8 miles. Normal pace with 6x ~50yard accelerations throughout.
  • Lifted weights. Have lost some strength since 2/wk sessions dropped to 1x/wk.
  • Swam 2500 yards. Silly me thought the pool would be empty…
  • Ran a 6mi trail run. First trail run ever!
  • Ran a 13mi progression run. Time: 1:38:22, only 1:16 slower than Seattle.

I was feeling pretty lazy about the whole weekend; drinking your weight in wine and eating your weight in food will make you feel like a lump no matter how much you exercise. But seeing that list I feel much better… At least I got my heart rate up and burned off some calories. And a couple of those workouts were pretty good, including the 13 miler.

Over long weekend I got to spend time with tons of family as well as get a little down time too. I think it’s totally necessary to celebrate the holidays with all your loved ones. But when celebrating entails the above workouts + eating and drinking as described some recovery time on the couch is also mandated.

I’m looking forward to spending 2012 playing with all of my new swim/bike/run toys that I collected from my very generous and understanding family, who have learned better than to ask what arm sleeves are for, if I REALLY need another running shirt, or why it’s necessary to have so many pairs of goggles. I’m a lucky girl, because rather, they celebrated my tri-geekdom by taking this photo! Hopefully I can make them all proud with a good showing in 2012.

Swimming, biking, and running? Or attending a rave? Your guess is as good as mine.


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