2012 Will Be Busy

Not to be negative, but I sort of hate New Years. It all feels arbitrary to me. If you have resolutions or goals to make, why not commit the moment the moment that you realize you can’t stop thinking about them? Why does 1/1 make it easier to put them to action and apply to life? (It doesn’t). Tomorrow probably actually won’t be easier than today, so rather than starting a diet tomorrow why not skip the pie and ice cream now? Because there’s also a possibility that tomorrow will be MUCH.FREAKING.HARDER. and that you’ll need that pie for survival.

New Years also always has this massive amount of buildup around it. What are YOU doing for New Years Eve? Well, if you really want to know, if I had my way I’d probably stay at home in my PJ’s that I got for Christmas, eat that pie and ice cream I was just talking about, and be asleep by 10pm. But alas I will get dressed up. I will have a marvelous dinner with good friends. It will be an amazingly fun night, NYE or not. And hopefully I’ll still have those PJ’s on by midnight.

Truly though, 2011 was a really incredible year. We rang in NYE in Paris, followed by London, Venice, Florence, and Milan. I ran the Boston Marathon. I completed my first Sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman triathlons, all sort of on a whim. We had our 1 year wedding anniversary. Garth’s blog was a huge success, like, ridiculous huge. We looked at a house, decided to stay renters, and feel ridiculously good about it. We learned, laughed, healed, and had a lot of fun with hardly a moment to rest. I don’t know if we’ll be able to beat all that fun in 2012, but we’ll certainly try!

There’s some fun in store for the new year already, and there are some definite things I want to accomplish in 2012. Clearly. See my race schedule page if you don’t know what I’m talking about. And not only do I have a race schedule plotted out, but I have some lofty goals to accompany each race. I want to break a 1:35:00 half marathon. I want to give IMC my all get a Kona slot in Canada. And if I’m not too broken by November I’d like to BQ before we ring in 2013. Along the way I want to eat too much good food and drink too much good wine (disclaimer: this goal may not be as lofty as the rest). My plan to get there is to follow the plan and make every day count toward arriving at where I want to be. This year, there’s really nothing to change. Just lots to keep doing, and do it I will.


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