Pool Victory

Did I complete 10×50’s on the 50s?


Did I finally get the roll to my weak side even to my good side?

Not quite.

Did I get a new awesome swimsuit and love it?

Yes, but that’s not the point.

Did I grow fins and gills and become a fish?

No, but that would be awesome.

Did I have a whole lane to myself?

Furthest thing from that.

BUT. During yesterday’s pool session, one that was longer and harder than usual as of late, the dreaded slow guy got in my lane. I tapped his feet, he didn’t get out of the way or let me go. I waited until he was almost done with his lap to maximize my space, but I caught him within a minute and the feet tapping played out again. Gah! I cursed him under the water, perfected my annoyed face to try to summon the lifeguard, and kept trying to swim without getting stuck. This girl had a job to do!

My annoyed face must be pretty effective – or the lifeguard just felt bad for me – because for the first time ever she came over and asked him to the slow lane.


And just for the record, so you don’t think I’m quite such a brat, 2 folks moved out of the slow lane and into the other slow lane upon his arrival because he was just that inconsiderate.


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