Race Recap: Lake Samish Half Marathon Part 2

I can’t stop thinking about how much yesterday’s race was NOT easier than the Seattle Half Marathon in November. Yes, I trained with less intensity. Yes, I trained for a shorter amount of time. No, I didn’t have the big race expo to get my nerves going. No, I also didn’t have weeks of holiday eating and drinking leading up the Seattle Half.

But still. I did some research to make myself feel better, and I accomplished my self-consolation goal with flying colors.

Seattle Half Marathon Course

The Seattle Half & Full Marathons are notoriously hilly and hard. Pair a killer course with Seattle winter weather and it’s somewhat surprising that it gets the turnout that it does. 13.1 miles, 466 feet of gain.

Lake Samish Half Marathon - You gotta run two loops of this lake!

The course description was “mostly flat with rolling hills.” Hmmm. This map here shows only one loop of the Lake Samish Half Marathon, so take everything here and count it twice. 13.1 miles, 472 feet of gain.

I think my job is done here.


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One response to “Race Recap: Lake Samish Half Marathon Part 2

  1. Yeah, I would consider the loop around Samish to be pretty rolling. When I lived up there, from my house, out around the lake and back was a good 35 mile ride – it was my staple hilly ride.

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