24 Pool

After spending two consecutive days on the trainer watching it snow, and seeing the weather forecast for last night (SNOWPOCOLYPSE!) I started getting worried about work travel and getting my training in.  And about work travel. And about getting my training in. I’m okay with changing the plan, but I’m not very pleasant to be around when I don’t have a plan, so after confirming on every channel and website I decided to take action against the weather. (Never mind that it didn’t snow, the pool was still closed for inclement weather so it’s a good thing I’m nuts!)

My knee is a bit creaky and sore from so much time on the bike (see the last 2 days above), and I don’t dreadmill, so that leaves the pool. But public pools operate on school inclement weather schedules which tend to be conservative and unpredictable here. We live 2 blocks away from a 24 Hour Fitness, one with a lap pool that’s also open for 24 hours per day, but I’ve never swam there because I’m not a member and didn’t swim when I was (3 years ago). As a last resort I chatted up an online sales specialist last night, signed up for a free trial to get me through snowmageddon, and headed over there this morning.

First off, the front desk attendant took one look at my ID and remembered me. FROM THREE YEARS AGO. And I’ve even gotten married since then, so my name has changed. Then, I went down to the pool and there were four glorious lanes, and one person swimming. One person total. I could have had three whole lanes to myself if I wanted!

I’ve been trying really hard to convince myself that I like the public pool enough to inconvenience myself by continuing to go there. What will I do without my pool friends? How will I dry my hair at 24, because they don’t have hand dryers? But I like the drive home from the pool as the sun rises! But really, a lane to myself, 24 hour per day availability, and a 2 block walk might just win out. Stay tuned for the life-changing details.


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  1. Nice! Talk about dedication! I sometimes luck out at LA Fitness in Ballard to an open pool. I’ve figured it out that it’s busy from 5-6:45am, then people have to shower to get to work so by 7am, it’s empty. That’s when I go. 🙂

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