Weights Are Heavy

Lately strength training isn’t going swimmingly. Or bikingly. Or runningly. HA! Get it? Strength training is going weightedly these days. Or heavily! Okay. Joke over.

Weights and strength training are things that I usually enjoy. I like the regularity, counting reps, knowing what to expect, and challenging myself in a controlled way. There are good days and bad days as with all of it, but each movement is short and controlled so even on the most tired day I can get through without a compromise and I always feel good about that. Feeling the burn is an immediate result-like sensation, and after an hour in the gym I’ll have that reminder all day. That isn’t always the case with the rest of my routine. With weights I don’t get too cold, I don’t get too hot, I can watch trashy TV, and I only have to walk about 200 feet to the gym. It’s convenient and straightforward and sometimes my brain needs that.

All these great things, but since the Seattle Half I’m not feeling it and I know exactly why. I’m not enjoying strength training because my schedule has been sporadic and inconsistent due to racing, muscle strain, and recovery. Because I’m not lifting weights frequently enough to improve I don’t feel progress being made. Without progress the game isn’t as fun.

Not having fun + not seeing results + forcing yourself through it + repeat = Not liking it so much

I’ve made a huge effort to turn this around. Rather than dread my weights days as they approach within training peaks I’ve allowed myself to take my number of prescribed sessions per week (1-2) and do them when I have time and when I feel like it don’t feel like it will be terrible. On some days I’ve broken the session up into 2 so that I can “enjoy” the unpleasantness for a shorter period of time. I’ve tried bulldozing through it. Listening to music. Forcing Garth to come with me. But it’s really not better yet.

My latest effort is to make sure I do 2 sessions per week even when the calendar only notes 1. I really think that if I make some progress I’ll feel better about my time spent, and might even get inspired to do more/better/etc. Crossing my fingers that it works, because I could use the strength, physically and psychologically.


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  1. I struggle with weight training during tri training – I can’t fit it all in! I want to lift for it’s benefits, but I feel my muscles are already tired enough from the 3 other sports. That said, I’m really trying to do 2 sessions per week too. Plus I keep reminding myself that I want some toned arms for tank top season. That keeps me pickin’ up those dumbbells…

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