Back to the Track

I had a really good night at the track this evening. Other than this:

Actually, the weather wasn’t THAT bad. Rain turned to heavy mist just when the fun began, and winds were calm until the rain ceased. Yes, that means that the workout was misty and windy. But I’ve had worse! MUCH worse! Like last week, when my knee hurt too much to push it do anything and Seattle was covered in too much ice and snow to leave the house. That was The Suck. Weather is bad enough, but injury as an excuse makes you really crabby. And by “you” I mean “me.”

An aside, this has nothing to do with injury, but illustrates the massive snow that paralyzed us last week:

Is that a bunny redirecting traffic for sledders, you might ask? Why yes, it is.

Back to the track. Tonight’s session was 12×400’s, with a 200 slow jog between, and a treat between 4/5 and 8/9 where we were gifted with a 400 jog. And by “we were” I mean “I was.” My usual partner in track crime was sick tonight, and the other member who showed had a different workout and was gone before I could even make small talk.

The workout went well, a good thing because I sort of needed it to. Sometimes the progress that I’ve made and the work I’ve put in, no matter how great, aren’t enough to keep my mind quiet. Sometimes I need a moment in time to clearly map to improvement and sometimes I need to exceed my own expectations. I haven’t talked too much about my knee online but it’s been bothersome to me; injury has a tendency to make my confidence drop. I went into the run tonight not knowing how hard I could push myself or what to expect, having run only once since my 10k race last weekend. I wouldn’t claim to have gutted myself, but I pushed myself hard and feel good about the fact that I hit my pace goals with plenty of juice to spare fresh off a week of lacking confidence and nearly no time on my feet.



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