2 Days in Seattle – Runners Edition

My husband was selected to participate in a campaign for Seattle’s Convention & Visitors Bureau and lucky me got to participate by association. As part of 2 Days in Seattle we spent this weekend touring the city like out-of-towners, visiting sights, eating at restaurants, drinking at bars, and browsing at shops to find and enjoy the best of what Seattle has to offer. Tip: 2 days isn’t nearly enough! We ate at some sentimental favorites and tested new hot spots, and after 24+ hours of delicious I still need want more.

I was a good little triathlete and fit in my training before and after the fun, but I wish I had themed my training to Best of Seattle too in order to continue the staycation vibe. One of my hands-down favorite things to do on vacation, or even just in a new place, is run. I think it’s simply the best way to get a feel for new surroundings, get integrated into a new place, and spot locals doing whatever it is they do. So, in honor of vacation running here are my favorite Seattle routes. I hope if you have 2 days in Seattle and love to run that you’ll give them a shot.

Myrtle Edwards Park You can run loops or incorporate it into a longer run, but Myrtle Edwards is hard to beat. One-of-a-kind views of the city and the sound make this a great place to soak in your surroundings and experience Seattle. The South end is home to the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park where you can find unique outdoor art installations, stop for a drink at the visitor’s center, or count on a clean bathroom. Though the park is safe, flat and wide open it isn’t lit during dark hours so winter can be rough. You can easily extend this run up to Magnolia Bluff or along the waterfront for more mileage.

Magnolia Bluff One of Seattle’s most beautiful neighborhoods is Magnolia, just outside of downtown. Magnolia Blvd shares similar sound views as Myrtle Edwards, but from the top of a bluff as opposed to sea level. In the times I’ve run here I’ve almost always spotted a bald eagle (one time 3!), and even if the steep incline slows you down the ocean air picks you right back up. The homes in the area are almost as amazing as the expansive sound, and if you eat hills for breakfast I highly recommend cutting through the neighborhood to get a few more feet of elevation and additional beautiful views. Then make sure you stop in Magnolia Village for some well-earned coffee and treats.

Discovery Park Trail I admit, I’ve actually only run this trail once in the 6 years that I’ve lived in Seattle. But I loved it. Loved! And everyone else does too, which means that you’re destined to love it as well. Discovery Park is Seattle’s in-city wilderness oasis; once you get out on the trail and experience the forested patches, sandy grassy dunes, and views of the sound and Olympic Mountains you’ll feel a world away from downtown, though you’re only about 5 miles away. Also, you will probably want to move here. This park is what Seattle is all about.

Seattle Half Marathon Route The Seattle Half is hilly, but if you like running hills or even just don’t hate them you can’t beat this loop. The course guides you through downtown, over to Lake Washington Blvd to experience what I think is the best running in the city, up Interlaken through a canopy of every color of red/orange/yellow you can imagine (run this in the fall), and back to Seattle Center. You’ll have but a moment of flat terrain, but you’ll get the absolute best of Seattle in just 13 miles. Note, the race allows runners to actually run on the freeway, so amendments to need to be made if you’re running the course for pleasure.

I could go on and on and on. So if you need running recommendations in the city feel free to message me and I’m happy to share more secrets. And if you’re wondering where we spent our actual 2 Days in Seattle:

We stuffed our faces with delicious at Fonte Coffee, Chez Shea, Matt’s in the Market, & The Coterie Room

Time flew with great entertainment at The Seattle Aquarium, & The Triple Door.

We got tipsy at Etta’s, Art Restaurant & Lounge, and nearly everywhere we ate.

We slept at the Fairmont Olympic.


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