The Jar

Does anyone other than me love New Girl on FOX? Zooey Deschanel can sometimes be too much; I’m not a fan of cringe-worthy humor and the previews really rode that line closely. But one night I was watching something else on FOX and was too lazy to change the channel so we ended up watching it. If you don’t watch this show please know that you should. It is awkwardly hilarious, and though I rarely find tv and movies to be laugh-out-loud-worthy this show does it over and over.

On the show Jesse Day (Zooey’s character) lives with 3 guys who run the gamut of personalities. All of them are worthy people, but each of them occasionally shows their douche bag side and when they do they’re forced by the other housemates to contribute to The Jar. Whether it’s humble-bragging, showing off, or the like, the rest of the housemates punish the DB with monetary payment and the amount they deem must get paid.

On my long run today I encountered another runner at a drawbridge, and gave him the runners nod to say hello. Well, he wanted to chat and our conversation ended up including the following topics as we waited for the bridge to rise, the boat to pass, and the bridge to lower.

  • Racing
  • Off season
  • Pacing (as in “you look like a 7:15” as well as “I was much faster last month”)
  • How to get to Green Lake with the fewest stop lights and least feet of climb
  • Hydration
  • Warming up
  • Headlamps
  • Shoes that shrink in the rain (I have never heard of this)
  • Thus, the need to buy shoes that are too big
  • Apparently Nike’s shrink a lot, ironic for a PNW-based company
  • Arm warmers (specifically 2XU’s)

So, basically, if we had a jar I’d definitely owe at least $20. Or more, considering those topics were all covered in less than 5 minutes.

In regards to the run (not talk) portion of my run, it was awesome. Awesomely awesomely awesome. Today’s miles were why I run. Today’s run was why I sometimes think that the world would be a better place if everyone ran, if everyone could produce the feeling of flying and pure joy out of almost nothing. It wasn’t easy, I dug deep, but I was looking forward to digging and then was happy to find that despite the dig I continued to fly and smile for 14 miles, and not to mention hit my pace goal without the struggle I sometimes face.

14 miles: Mile 1-7 @ 7:38 avg pace. Mile 7-13 @ 7:10 avg pace. Mile 13-14 cool down.


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