Things that I learned in the last 15 days.

If you have a muscle cramp chew a Nuun tablet. It is fizzy and weird. It works.

Shoes shrink in the rain. Apparently. I’m still not sure I completely believe this.

Feeling your pace is way better than looking at your watch. It makes running a different sport.

The reason I’m slow in my new pool is because it is a 25 meter pool, not a 25 yard. So I’m not actually slower, it’s a farther distance.

Just because your IT band or PF stops bothering you, doesn’t mean you should lay off the full-blown attack against them. Keep rolling, stretching, attacking. They are sneaky devils.

Telling people that you have to leave a party because you have to get up early (“To do what?” “To train.” “For what?” “For an Ironman”) doesn’t ever lead to you leaving said party quickly. It’s heartwarming to have to many interested friends. And I need to start making announcements earlier in the evening to leave time to explain why I’m nuts..

I officially got accepted to race the ING NYC Marathon. My heart is happy.

Smoothies still do not keep me full or satisfied. I’m sure they’re healthy, but this girl needs to EAT.

I need new music on my iPod. The double duty of running and indoor cycling days has me very sick of my dance party playlist. However, I’m not sick of Sexy and I Know It, and I really think that might never happen.

My new bike is as amazing as I knew it would be. Riding in the rain isn’t as bad as I always think it will be. Cleaning my bike is always much much worse than I ever remember it to be.

My body doesn’t hate 400’s as much as my mind thought it did.

I can once again wear heels, as long as I’m basically only sitting down in them.

Following your heart is always the right thing to do. Always.



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4 responses to “Things that I learned in the last 15 days.

  1. Jennie M.

    You can use the iTunes gift card for some more music 🙂

  2. this is a great post! there are so many i agree with…let’s see…
    1. smoothies – i’ve been drinking (eating?) green monsters and, while they are delicious, i’m starving a 1/2 hour later.
    2. i love that people are so into asking questions about marathoning and running but it does make me late/hold me up sometimes.
    3. running based on feel is great and a habit i’m really trying to get into.

  3. I think smoothies are best left (for me) for really really high mileage weeks when I need creative ways to get healthy calories in. Otherwise, exactly, I’m starving 30 minutes later and end up with more than I really need.

    What is a green monster? I’m not so organized in my smoothie endeavors and just end up using whatever I have on hand…

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