Photo Run

When I woke up this morning first I headed to my apartment’s gym to get in some warm up, stretching, and abs.

Then I hit the streets for my run. Have you ever wondered what Denny looks like with no cars on it? Okay, well maybe just a couple of them.

Next stop: cake!

This view makes climbing up Dexter worth it.

Usually Lyons Grocery has coffee outside for visitors, but on second thought maybe that’s only during summer? Regardless, I could have used some today. I was dragging!

Mornings are very different under the Aurora Bridge. There’s nearly no road noise and the lights are pretty, whereas during the day it’s a noisy traffic-filled trap.

It was really thoughtful of someone to bring my yacht around to Westlake just in case I got too tired to continue.

In the hundreds of times I’ve run by this, I never realized until today that it reads Marina Mart. Funny, because there aren’t any “marts” in the complex.

This is the crime scene from the great goose attack. I’m hoping that this spring I’ll get by without another tale, but somehow I doubt it.

Have you ever seen the (incredibly inappropriate but also hilarious) website This is Why You’re Fat? Well, This is Why My Neighborhood Smells Like Bacon.

And nearly home, the sunrise beginning over Capitol Hill.

Photo runs will work a lot better in a few weeks when it gets lighter earlier, but in the mean time they certainly are a great way to keep my HR under 150 on slow and easy days. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept an easy run for what it is; I feel like I’m not making progress or feeling the pain that makes me love running. But it is refreshing to take in my surroundings and enjoy the wonderful running city that I live in.

In other training news, track last night kept the streak of awesome going that started with a fast Saturday run, a beautiful Sunday ride, and a breakthrough Monday swim. For the first time, quite possibly in the history of me running on a track, I didn’t think “omigod I’m gonna die” on repeat for 60 minutes. Instead, I flirted with that feeling and then focused that energy on silencing my head and letting my legs do the work. Another This is Why I Love Running moment in the books.


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