The Awesome, Part 1

Earlier this week I suggested that some general excitement was happening in these parts. Make Today Ridiculously Amazing? How about have an outstandingly awesome couple of weeks. Oh. Well, alright!

Part 1 in the string of awesome that I’ve embraced is that I’m so proud, excited, and ecstatic to announce that I’m now running for Team Oiselle. Go check them out. If you are female and a runner I guarantee you’ll be enamored. As I admitted to the fine ladies of Oiselle, I’ve been (in a friendly way!) Internet stalking them and their team for quite some time, and I’m so impressed and inspired by what they do. Not just because of their similar Berkeley/Oregon/Seattle roots or their love for France, but a few other reasons too:

1. Oiselle clothes are made for runners by runners, and they appreciate the balance between function and form. Runners want to look like runners, but we do care about what we’re wearing, and Oiselle makes it possible to look cute while going fast, all while having all the pockets we need!

2. Oiselle is loyal to their customers. I have told this story too many times to count, and will continue to until something trumps it (unlikely): Months back I placed an order, tweeted about it, and subsequently (and unrelated) tweeted that I wanted a PR at my next race. When I received my order not only did I have a hand written note, but it too wished me a PR. As a marketer I was impressed, as a consumer I was hooked, as a runner I was in love.

3. Oiselle supports runners, and is as much about the love for the run as breaking records. I’m proud to be part of a group that loves the process as much as the end result, because the reality is that most of us aren’t breaking records every day. But lots of us are getting out there, working hard, and running for fitness and fun.

In my quest to become more involved in things I love, over the past 9 months I started following many of the team members’ blogs, started my own, began to reach out, and finally decided to take a leap and apply to be part of the group. Ask and you shall receive.

Thanks for welcoming me, Oiselle. I can’t wait to represent at my first race as part of the team tomorrow. Not only will I run (hopefully) a faster half marathon than ever before, but I’ll look cute and feel comfortable doing it.

And to my running readers and friends: See something you can’t live without at Oiselle? Email me and I’ll share some friends and family coupon love for your first order.



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4 responses to “The Awesome, Part 1

  1. Heck yea! Welcome to the team!! Ok, we need a Seattle Oiselle meetup, stat!

  2. Congrats! I have Oiselle’s Burke jacket and cannot live without it!!!!!

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