Week Recap & The Awesome, Part 2

This week has been a little bit quiet, but as usual life has not been.

After my meh half marathon my Coach deemed this week special recovery and awarded me a super light schedule of easy activity. I was hesitant to embrace it; after a crappy race I feel like I should be working harder, not taking it easy! But something wasn’t right on Monday and Tuesday and when I realized that all I wanted to do was sleep I accepted my lazy fate.

  • Monday: Off with a 30 min light spin and a Green Lake walk.
  • Tuesday: An unsuccessful night at the track left my legs feeling like they’d buckle at any moment.
  • Wednesday: A feeling-slightly-better 5 miler.
  • Thursday: A – gasp! – day off, but I did my favorite hot yoga class to get stretched out.
  • Friday: 8 mile trail run that started off dragging but by the end I was on cloud 9.
  • Saturday: A historic swim, not only because it marked a new distance in the pool but mostly because I had the entire pool – EVERY LANE – to myself for the second half.
  • Today: A 2:30 (40 mile) ride and a 25 minute run in which I experienced every type of weather including but not limited to clear blue skies, rain, high winds, the glassiest most still Lake Washington I’ve ever seen, snow, mist, hail, and frost. Take that weatherman!

I wouldn’t say that I feel like a new person after my easy week, but I for the first time in a while I felt energy and power on the bike today so I see that as a good sign.

In other quietness, Garth has been traveling for work. This means I miss him, a lot. It also means that I have been eating like a single person (cereal, anyone?). And that my bike still resides in its own special room, also known as the living room.

And in the last but truly most exciting of the quiet times, this week has been especially low-key because my last day at my job was Tuesday. I took Weds/Thurs/Fri off to catch up on life, and tomorrow I begin a new chapter. I’m so excited about what’s in store that it’s difficult for me to behave in a sane way or focus enough for the words my fingers type to actually make sense.

Tomorrow I’ll return to online marketing for a product I whole-heartedly support, enthusiastically believe in, and faithfully use as an athlete. I’ll be working for a local company that was founded by athletes and produces a product for athletes, meaning that my love for sport (my crazy) will not only be accepted but will be truly useful and valued. I feel so lucky that this opportunity came together and that I get to join a team of people who are equal parts clever, kind, passionate, driven, and just as crazy as I am.

Growing up as an athlete I lived by sport, and as an adult I feel grateful to have found it again and love nothing more than to share it. I’m so excited to live and breathe the athletic world that I adore, and for my job to be to share it. Seriously, does it get better than that?

So, just a few more hours of quietness in store. I’m thinking some laundry, a bath, some Grey’s Anatomy (yes I still watch that show which shouldn’t surprise you since I also listen to LMFAO) and Parenthood, and early to bed.


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  1. no, it doesn’t get any better than that! you are truly lucky! congrats!

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