Sunrise Window

Twice a year, every year, a magic running time happens in Seattle.


I didn't take this photograph, but I present Sunrise from Montlake.

Those magic days are when I get to catch the above in person. For a two week (or so) period in the spring and fall the sun rises while I’m on the Montlake bridge, and my surroundings look exactly like that photo. Those runs are some of my favorite of the year. As the time changes and days get longer I track the weeks, and when I predict the weather and sunrise will align I change my schedule to make sure I have enough distance planned to run that far and experience it.

I’m sad to think that I might miss that time this year.

Yes that's a boot. Yes I have a sfx.

I’m going to get faster on the bike and faster in the pool, but Vh1’s Jump Start Video and the tiles on the bottom of the 24 Hour Fitness pool just won’t compare.



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3 responses to “Sunrise Window

  1. No!!!!! I’m so sorry! That picture is absoutely gorgeous. Sunrises are the best.

    Hang in there!

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