Swim Bike No Run Recap

Yes, I’m still alive and well (all things considered) over here, and am still on my way to Ironman. I just figured that I wouldn’t bore you all with how the bottom of the pool is looking or how I’ve definitely figured out the best way to carry  my bike and trainer to my apartment gym in one!single!trip!

I’m still not happy to not be running. In theory I can try it next Tuesday, but my gut says don’t do it – and Coach agrees – so I’m going to stay strong in my pursuit against the sfx. Instead to celebrate my minor victory on the road to recovery I’ll bring normal shoes to work next Tuesday and will wear them to walk around the office (rather than my boot). If that goes well for an entire week then I’ll try a run-walk-run-walk for 20 min the following Tuesday prior to my follow-up appointment. Fingers are majorly crossed.

But in the mean time, some highlights from the last week or so:

Saturday March 17

It snowed. Big, fatty, huge, snowflakes. For about 2 hours. Needless to say I was pretty pleased that I had chosen the trainer over an outdoor ride when the snow started about 45 minutes into my 3 hours. I sweat like nothing you can imagine (seriously, really) so despite the snow I cracked open two windows for a cross-breeze. 30 minutes later steady steam was coming off my back, and I kept thinking my eyes were foggy but nope, just more steam. Here’s a photo Garth took to document my first 3 hour trainer ride. Of course he had to take the photo during one of the quick sit ups I took, making me look like a total loser.

3 Hour Trainer Ride in the Snow

Sunday March 18

I purchased waterproof headphones. Conveniently they’re also sweat-proof, since I’ve broken about 493438329831718 pairs of apple ones with my “glistening.”

Wednesday March 21

I set my stuff at the head of a lane, and rinsed off in the pool deck shower. A girl asked if it was my stuff – yes – and she set hers down too to share. Despite the fact there were other free lanes. That’s cool, I hate the wall lanes too. We split it just like everyone does at 24 and went about our merry swimming. 15 minutes in to my 1:15 swim we had a collision with some hardly notable side-swiping action. I quickly stopped swimming, because I like to be polite and apologize even if it’s not my fault, and looked back toward her to see what was up. I was on my side, and she appeared to be on her side, the collision was hardly worth noting. But girl was PISSED. And started crying in anger. *sigh. The rest of our swim sharing the lane was really joyous. Thank goodness she was out of the locker room prior to me finishing up. Though my “swimming” that day felt more like “sinking” I would have glad fought the water for however long necessary to not deal with her pout any longer.

Thursday March 22

I’m getting better at spinning, for sure. Small little things that I don’t have the energy to really analyze in the grand scheme of things, but I can get my heart rate higher and hold it before my legs have no strength left to give. Aero is getting more comfortable on my new bike. My left side is still weaker and less coordinated than my right, but once I’m warmed up I can even it out until I start getting fatigued again. Coach specifically told me to expect my spinning sessions to be tough this week, and that they were. But I had them built up as impossible, and they certainly didn’t kill me. In fact, I enjoyed them.


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