Swimming Lesson 1

During our first swimming lesson this week we focused on the basics. Yes, we. We = my colleagues that I peer pressured into taking lessons with me, lessons being coached by another colleague of ours.  Coach is a ridiculously good swimmer and we’re lucky that she’s willing to wake up at the butt-crack to teach us how to not drown during the swim portion of a triathlon in exchange for coffee. Yay for work fitness fun!

So the basics this week were:

Head – The back of your neck should never have any wrinkles when you swim. When this is the case it feels like you are trying to awkwardly dive to the bottom of the pool with every stroke.

Hands – Should always be at minimum shoulder width apart. This ones doesn’t actually feel so ridiculous to me, but crying girl from 24 hour fitness better watch out once I put this one into action!

Hips – These are no longer a swiveling point on the body. The shoulders/torso/hips are one single plain and must move in unison.

We did some drills that made me feel silly like swimming with no arms (torpedo style) and swiveling the body by contracting the abs, and another one where you swim the whole length of the pool with one arm out ahead and to breathe must roll – in one plane – all the way to your back. I have a long ways to go but I felt good about the drills because they’re small and digestible things to focus on to break swimming into doable pieces. I like to feel successful – I think we all do. But sometimes trying to think about everything at once is hard so it’s nice to feel smaller successes along the way. Head: Check! Hands: Check! Hips: Meh….

I’m definitely looking forward to next week. Though I, along with the pool staff, hope that I swallow less pool water…


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  1. Swimming, in my opinion, is probably the shortest yet most boring of the three sports. It is nice you have a coach, it is difficult to master the sport of swimming and getting the body to work in unison… I am still trying to figure it out


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