Friday Cry Day #konainspired

In my heart of hearts I have mixed feelings about the Kona lottery situation and charity registrations for Boston. Even the ING NYC Marathon. I wouldn’t ever feel right about racing these prestigious races without earning my way into them. What is earning though… Working hard? Doing your best? Being better than someone else? Boston and NYC have qualification times, while Kona requires a certain spot on the podium (based on how large your age group participation is at your specific race). In either scenario there are so many factors that no one can control that affect your chances. Weather, course, who else is registered, how quickly you can get to your computer and enter your credit card number. Equal? No. Fair? Partially. Measurable. Yes.

Still, though, I believe that I deserve it or I don’t, and that’s a decision I’ve made for myself.

That said, there are people who will never qualify, for whatever reason, that have worked a hundred times harder than I have, who have overcome two hundred times as much, and who want it just the same, or dare I say more. Meet some of them at Ironman’s Kona Inspired contest, where athletes are applying via video for one of six Kona spots that Ironman is gifting to those who can illustrate best that Anything is Possible.

I may not agree with the lottery or charity spots, but I do agree that Anything is Possible. For sure. 100%.


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