SUAR’s 10 Ways To Survive Your Injury Without Being a B*tch

While trying to convince myself it was a good idea to get out of my warm bed at 4:30 this morning for weights and swimming lessons I stalled by catching up on blogs. Lots of Boston rah-rah-ing in my RSS. Yay runners! And also this:

10 Ways To Survive Your Injury Without Being a B*tch – By SUAR (Shut Up And Run)

As a currently injured athlete I think the advice is stellar. Much of it is obvious, but it’s much more effective to have someone remind you THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING rather than to have to muster that feeling yourself. Be careful who you tell. I always forget this one. No longer.

I spent the better half of last week feeling just about how SUAR does in her photo. I was negative, burnt out, feeling like my hard work was pointless. I don’t think I ever actually thought the world was ending, but I was certainly sort of questioning my part in it. I felt like my world was ending. I mean, really, MORE AQUA JOGGING? That might kill me.

I took two days to wallow then forced myself out on a long ride on Saturday. Post-ride I decided aqua jogging didn’t sound like death, so I obliged. Then something magical happened: I felt BETTER. And then I felt even better when I woke up early on Sunday morning to lift weights and then ride with my training group. In fact, I felt so much better psychologically that I didn’t even get upset when I locked my keys in my car in the parking lot 10+ miles from home. I simply dealt with it, ran later in the afternoon, and made the best of my day. (This is a big deal, folks.)

Reading SUAR’s blog post was just what I needed this morning. While I’d like to think I wasn’t a b*tch the whole last month, I probably was at some point. I can’t promise I never will be again – injuries suck – but I’m feeling back on track.


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