Swimming Lesson 2

Feeling more inspired from some good weekend training on Sunday night I was excited to get in the pool for lesson #2. I didn’t practice my drills as much last week as I would have liked, but I got in the water twice and really tried to focus on form and take the time I needed to get the job done. Everything is still feeling awkward during the first few tries, but then I remember the basics and each time I’m able to nail the movements more quickly and with less swallowed water.

Tip: Chlorine is not a good hydration method. You heard it here first!

Today we practiced the same drills as last time but then added some single arm swimming. This new single arm move is similar to the torpedo from last week but requires core strength to lead the single arm reach and pull body roll. I’m not supposed to think about it as pull. No pulling!

Another Tip: Muscling through the water does not a good swimmer make.

I have to really think about this one. I wish I could find a video or illustration of someone doing this properly because I can’t picture what it looks like. Strangely enough it feels way smoother than more natural on my uncoordinated and weak side, supposedly because that side isn’t trained to do anything currently. So to get it down I have to practice on my weak side first and then compare to my strong stupid side.

Tip #3: The drill is sort of like this video here, fast forward to 2:06ish and go from there.

My problem is that my body is so accustomed to pulling to get momentum that I’m not using my core to help rotate my body on its axis to get the extra leverage that I need. So, though the video makes it look so easy “get your shoulder out of the water” it’s deceptive, because it should really be coming from the core. And rather than pulling I should be reaching.

Hoping to get more good swimming in this week so that I can practice master this.


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  1. I’ve only ever had two people look at my swimming form… I probably look like I know nothing. Those drills you’re doing seems like a lot to think about while in the pool… good for you though! We should open water swim this summer!

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