Things I’ll Never Do Again

Rewind to Sunday morning. I wake up at 6:00 (ON.A.SUNDAY). Make smoothie. Realize that even though I haven’t had one in a couple of months smoothies still are not a satisfying form of food. Feel hungry. Lift weights for 60 minutes. Stretch. Unlock my bike. Gather water/Nuun/Garmin/gels/helmet/shoes/etc. Load car. Stop for coffee. Drive to meeting spot.

The meeting spot is where my training group was planning to gather for a couple of loops of cycling fun. I had left my house early, in plenty of time to figure out where I was going. The park we were meeting at has a few lots and I wasn’t clear on which one to be at. I figured I’d park, wait for teammates, and if I didn’t see any after a while I’d search other lots or text to figure it out.

So waiting, waiting, waiting. Decide I’m in the right lot. Unload my stuff. Get bike ready. Put on cycling shoes. Adjust new sunglasses. Hide iPhone. Friends arrived. Friends, I’m ready! And so excited to get riding! And. Then. I. Locked. My. Car. Keys. In. My. Car.

I was totally prepared to get into my apartment that’s about 12 miles away though! Because I had separated my keys and stuffed the wrong half into my jersey.

Cycling Fail.

Fail. Fail. Fail.

I had a great ride though!



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2 responses to “Things I’ll Never Do Again

  1. At least you had your bike and could still get around. Not total fail.

  2. Oh, I’ve done that before, but locked myself out of my house leaving for a run! Thankfully we hide a key so it wasn’t a total disaster. At least your ride was good!

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