Swimming Lesson 4

Swimming lesson #4 happened 4 days ago, and though I haven’t swam since I feel like it was a good one. Survey will be in tomorrow after an actual REAL swim.

This week it was just me again, but it felt really productive. The drills are starting to come together more, feel less awkward, and are translating into changes in my swimming. And though I’ve felt like there are positive changes being made it’s lovely to have someone on the sidelines reaffirm that. Swimming is hard in that you really aren’t supposed to see anything other than the bottom of the pool so there’s no way to make sure you aligned other than to feel it. AND, needless to say if you don’t know what you should be feeling that’s sort of difficult impossible.

We worked more on rotation and keeping my core engaged, because when I can pull that off my form clicks together much more effectively. When my core is not engaged first my kicking goes, then my breathing goes, and pretty soon I’m flailing and splashing and being the uncoordinated swimmer of 4 weeks ago. When I can hold it together (+ breathing) my swimming feels different, and though not yet fast it feels like less work. Less work and less effort = good when it’s going to followed by many hours of cycling and running.

Now that I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m getting more comfortable doing it, I’m liking this whole swimming thing a lot more. Not that I ever didn’t like it, but when my yardage got kicked up a notch due to my lack of running I did start to dislike the pool (more than) a little. Now that I’m fighting with the water less and am making progress, even if just with drills as measurement, I can more than tolerate it.

Except for when this happens:

But I’m just going to hope that’s an irregular occurrence.

2 more lessons to go!



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2 responses to “Swimming Lesson 4

  1. Swimming is tough! It is the main reason why I have never nor will I ever attempt a tri. The open water freaks me out. I guess I am a big baby.

    • If I can swim, so can you. Promise! Find a coach to give you some technique lessons. The open water is 100x less scary when you feel confident about what you are doing. If you lived in Seattle I’d have a GREAT recommendation for you.

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