First OWS of the Year

It was approximately 500x less terrible than I had gotten worked up about.

The water was pretty cold when I first got in, but I’m used to that initially freezing feeling; 24 hour fitness runs their pool so cold that if you rest between sets for more than a minute you end up with goosebumps. I tip-toed in really slowly, but was pretty surprised at how tolerable the water felt when I finally dove in and went for it. It probably helped that the sun was beating down on my suit and face.

The swimming part? Also went well. I just buoy hopped for this first foray back into the open water. Rather than focusing on getting across the lake I wanted to focus on keeping my form intact and not getting anxious or stressed out by the temperature or darkness. The only part of my form that was challenging to recall was to “bury my head” and keep it down.

Dare I say I’m looking forward to the next trip to open water?

Oh, and the most exciting news of all: My wetsuit still fits absolutely perfectly! Honestly, I was worried…




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3 responses to “First OWS of the Year

  1. Open water training in cold water scares me so I think you are a rock star! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Is it true that wet suits make you float on top of the water????? I have heard that before from people who have tried to get me to do a tri. I always thought it wasn’t true. 🙂

    • Wetsuits DO help you float… Which isn’t always good for your form but does generally make swimming less work.

      I think one of these days you’re going to try a tri! 🙂

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