Weekend Training: 3 Weeks ’till Boise

I had grand plans to really recap this weekends training and dig in, because I haven’t done that in a while. But then the training happened. And then I was tired!


Saturday morning I tweeted something to the effect of:

About to get my a** handed to me for the next 4.5 hours.

Coach had invited me on a 3.5ish hour training ride to teach me a hilly route for future rides. Though my riding and spinning have improved considerably I’m still not as confident on the bike as I could be. Or as hill climbing fit.

Here is proof I survived the first hill.

Proof that I survived Juanita 2x, Norway again, Hollywood, and one that I call Evil Sneaky Hill? The fact I’m writing this post.

This was the hardest ride I’ve done if you were to look at it on paper due to the climbing, and not just overall climbing but pretty steep grades. Despite being called a heavy breather on the way up one of the climbs (to which I replied “well, I’m a heavy sweater too!”) I’m learning that I can push myself pretty hard up hills and have the capacity to recover fairly well on the way down. I’m actually finding it more challenging to maintain higher intensity on flats for looooong amounts of time because I push too hard and never get that “break” to assess how I’m truly fairing.

I followed this 60mi/4k ft of climb ride with a 40 minute run. My runs are still somewhat “meh” these days, but I was really happy to be out running in the sunshine so I felt okay with pushing pace and keeping with it. My prescribed pace was an 8min/mi average, but I was finding I could hold a 7:40. Well, at least for 40 minutes. So I did.

And then I ate a really good burger.


Sunday morning I tweeted something to the effect of:

Beautiful day for a lake swim!

Because it looked like this.

I had a 30 minute run and 30 minute lake swim, and though sleeping in on Sunday was a treat missing the rain-less weather was less than that.

My run was laid out as slow and easy. I pushed myself a little harder than “slow and easy”, but not too hard. Running is mostly a mind game for me right now; my running muscles aren’t used to hurting and being pushed, my joints aren’t used to pounding, and my lungs just get sort of pissed. But the more I stick with it and push through angry body parts the more I’m catching up to where I was in February. The momentum of baby steps feels really good.

My swim was rainy and somewhat choppy (for a tiny man-made lake) but the water wasn’t too terrible at all. I’m still adjusting to open water swimming again, and this session served some good reminders.

1. Make sure my wetsuit is on properly. Like, pulled ALL the way UP. My shoulders got fatigued really quickly from having to tug against the neoprene.

2. Again, make sure my wetsuit is on properly. Not fun to be choked during the swim.

3. Wetsuits suck to put on when you are sweaty and wet from running in the rain.

However, I will still be awarding myself the prize of True Triathlete because I was able to zip my own suit – one the zips from the top downward – by myself! Just don’t ask me how long it took or how many geese I scared away hopping around to get the zipper to go.



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2 responses to “Weekend Training: 3 Weeks ’till Boise

  1. Nice work! Do you start tapering now?

    • Thanks! I love that track.

      As for tapering… Sort of. I still have a 75mi ride this weekend but last weekend and this week were the last tough super stacked workouts. I still have tough ones, but they aren’t ridiculous starting… tomorrow! 🙂 *whew

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