Race Recap: Boise 70.3 – Part 1

Boise. Where to start. How about before Boise.

Leading up to this race I had a few things on my mind.

1. Swim anxiety. I had a freak out in open water 2 weeks prior to the race, which left me without an ounce of confidence and a boatload of anxiety. I swam every single day in the week leading up to practice warming up – but quickly – and to get more adjusted. But my #1 concern and challenge for this race was a cold rough swim, and I knew enough to know that I should be concerned.

2. Goals. Though there have been some setbacks I’ve been working hard. Like, really hard. I had given all I had to each day in the past few months, but I still didn’t know where I’d net out given my lack of running (7mi max long run). My goal was to push myself to the brink and see what I had, but I really didn’t know where that brink would be.

3. Things started coming together. Despite everything, in the week before the race things started coming together. I usually feel like a slug the week before a race, but this time around I had gotten that out of the way earlier with some heavily stacked training. In the week before Boise I felt abnormally strong, engaged, excited, and powerful. My body started feeling like it knew what to do.

On Thursday morning bright dark and early we packed up the car and hit the road. I was void of usual pre-race bitchiness jitters and was excited to get going and start our journey.

We arrived in Boise, checked into our hotel, and started exploring. Local tri shop to borrow some aquaseal for my wetsuit? Check. Local co-op for fruit, bagels, wine for the Iron Sherpa, and cereal? Check. 5 mile shake out run? Check. Dinner? Check. In bed at 9pm? Check.

Day 2 was similarly uneventful. The expo was small. The athlete briefing was good. I had my usual sandwich for pre-race-day lunch. I packed my transition bags, unpacked them to make sure I did it right, then did it again. I was nervous, but less than normal. We drove part of the bike course and checked my bike. Some nice volunteers helped me rack my bike so it wouldn’t blow away in the wind (my bike is so small the front wheel won’t touch the ground when hanging by the saddle). I felt the lake, it was cold. We were once again in bed by 9pm, even with a noon race start.

Leading up, even since registration, I’ve known that weather is a factor in Boise. It can be sweltering there in June. It can also be freezing. There is usually wind. But usually somewhere in between all of the above and coming from Seattle I’m used to dealing with the elements. But nothing could prepare anyone for the day we had in store on Saturday. And I’m sure that most anyone who reads my silly blog already knows the basics of how the day played out.

(stay tuned for Part 2)


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