Race Recap: Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon

First off, thanks to this girl who made it possible for me to run! I hoped to make her a little more proud with my finishing time, but hopefully my race doesn’t tarnish your race results too much.

It was a last-minute decision to run this race. After Boise things seemed anti-climactic so I wanted something fun to look forward to. At the same time my foot felt really amazing post-Boise – as did my legs – so I was ready physically and mentally to start ramping up the mileage and focusing on running as a sport rather than a filler.

4 weeks before the race my highest mileage week was about 15 miles, if that.

3 weeks before the race was the Boise 26.3.

2 weeks before the race I ran (well) at track, ran an 8 miler, ran a 9 miler, and ran a 4 miler.

1 week before the race my foot started hurting.

Half Marathon // 13.1 mi // 1:41:07

I’m not proud of my time, but the race was good for a few things:

  • Racing is good practice even if you don’t do well. I ate my pre-race meal, I woke up early, I warmed up, I followed the plan. I didn’t get distracted, and the more times I can make race morning feel like any other morning the better.
  • Even with my not great time I had to fight pretty hard through the last few miles. Or maybe starting at mile 5. I’ll never tell! 🙂 But the negotiating with myself began embarrassingly early but instead I kept running and thought about how much shittier I’ll feel at mile 5 of the marathon during Ironman Canada! Inspiring, right? Truly though I focused on small goals and little things and just kept running. I let myself enjoy the scenery and enjoy being out there, and then I fueled my fire to do much better next time.
  • I wish I could say that I smiled through this race, but I can’t. I had a not-great attitude for a lot of it. That doesn’t mean it was a bad experience or that I didn’t have a good time – because it was a great experience and I did have fun! – but I don’t enjoy not doing as well as I would like to. Period. I’ll work as hard as I have to in order to get there, but in this scenario that wasn’t possible, and I resented that for my whole 1:41:07 out on the course. Next time either be ready to not do “well” or don’t race, self!
  • This was the best RnR event I’ve raced. Not that I’ve done a lot of them, but I’ve done Seattle 3x and this was by far the most organized and put together year. Nice work, competitor group.

Luckily my foot is starting to feel better. I’m thinking it was extremely tight calves causing an altered foot strike (and more pressure on the healed fracture) that was causing pain. Two days with a trigger point roller and I’m nearly good as new.



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4 responses to “Race Recap: Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon

  1. I am glad that your foot is feeling better. For the mileage you had going into this race, your time is AWESOME!!!!! Trust me, you didn’t tarnish my race results one bit. I am so happy that you were able to run. It did seem like the competitor group did a great job with this event. I am hoping next year I can run it!

  2. Like your post. I’ve been doing some sole searching after a disappointing race at the RNR. I had done the 1st three in the 1:38 range. I ended up at 1:42 can’t tell if I laid an egg or what. My training went pretty good and I felt ready for it. But my pace steadily got worse and worse throughout the race. 7:30, 7:40, 7:50, then the last three miles like 8:05-8:10…UGH!! Maybe the new course is harder than it looked on paper : )

    • Thanks Craig! I’ve run the course – or versions of it – many times and I do think it’s a pretty tough one. Let’s go with that. 🙂

      Truly though the uneven pavement and sloped roads can do you in by the end. And though the first half isn’t too bad it’s hard to gage your effort and conserve energy with all of the tough stuff in the back half.

      What’s next on the calendar for you? Hopefully something flat and fast.

      • Hi Arielle, yes I felt OK the first 5 miles and even after the first hill my pace was OK and on track so to speak. I’m also a Seattle person and should have been more prepared for the 2nd half of the race..Ugh!! For what it’s worth a female runner who I’ve seen in several races in my age bracket ran 1:37 last year and 1:41 this year. Lets just say the course was harder!!

        I don’t have anything on my race calender after sort of refecting on my results. It said 23/398 so I guess that is OK for a hack runner but it’s the slowest half I’ve ever done 🙂

        Maybe I’ll see you on the trail one day. I’d like to know more about your training plan…my kind of sucked this time (Smart Coach). Lots of little 2 mile filler runs and speed work that was toooooo fast for me. I’d like to try an different training plan. My tempo pace is in the 7:15-7:20 range…

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