End of Season Surprise

After Ironman Canada I decided that I wasn’t really done. I obviously wasn’t super stoked to end the season on that race, but because I didn’t give it my physical all I also didn’t feel run down and exhausted. So I waited 2 weeks to make sure I wasn’t still high on endorphins and low on common sense, and then I decided to sign up for Austin 70.3.

Swim start at Austin 70.3. Photo from ironman.com.

Swim start at Austin 70.3. Photo from ironman.com.

Before I registered I also toyed with the idea of another full Ironman this year, but with limited (and very expensive) options I decided it wasn’t worth it. The cost in terms of money, time, sanity, and normal life, was too high to feel good about the commitment unless I achieved the result I wanted, that being a stellar race. But a stellar race takes more than stellar training, and as learned in Whistler those extra factors that make your day stellar aren’t always things anyone can control.

Austin is a good compromise though. It’s keeping me goal focused through this first stretch of fall, but I’ll still have 2 months for a real off-season before training ramps up again in January. I get to keep training and make some more gains, but without putting my body through another Ironman and risking injury. I get to spend my favorite season outside, but with 3 hour rides rather than 7 hour rides I have more time for my family and friends.

As summer has abruptly turned into fall – I swear our house went from 80 degrees to 57 degrees overnight – it’s been a little tough for me to stay as excited for this race as I was a month ago though. 100% of the time that I’m swimming, biking, or running, I’m thrilled to be doing it, but it’s been more challenging to get out of bed for an early morning bike or up from my desk for a lunchtime run. It’s getting darker and colder and my body knows I’m almost done.

Just one month left and then I really will be done for the year.


One month until Austin!



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