Full Recap: Ironman Canada Whistler 2013

By popular demand – or, actually, just for ease of reading and research – here are all of my Ironman Canada Whistler race recap posts.

They’re written in pretty long-form, mostly because I thought that with it being a first year course there might be athletes searching the web for information about the course and event. That said, what’s written below is just my own personal opinion and experience. I’m confident that others have their own opinions and experiences to share as well.


Overall, as an event Ironman Whistler, couldn’t have put on a better show. The event was extremely well-organized and despite some last-minute changes things went off without a hiccup or hitch on race day. Volunteers were as well-informed as at any race I’ve been to, and the community was friendly and welcoming to athletes and their entourage. The course was truly hard, but was also truly beautiful. And who wants to do an easy Ironman, anyway?

So here is my experience and opinion about Ironman Canada Whistler 2013.

Race Recap: Ironman Canada Pre-Race Prep

The week leading up to the race was once again great! Whistler was a beautiful place to spend a few days relaxing before Ironman began.


Race Recap: Ironman Canada Swim and T1

The swim site was beautiful, the lake was perfect and clear and calm, and my favorite race-day surprise: a deep water swim start.


Race Recap: Ironman Canada Bike and T2

The bike was tough and where my challenges began, with a bloody nose, a penalty, and a flat.


Race Recap: Ironman Canada Run and Post-Race

How my bloody nose continued, but I stopped feeling sorry for myself and tried to turn thing around so I could feel proud of my second Ironman finish.


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