I created this blog as a way to document my journey on the way to Ironman Canada 2012.

I started running in March 2009 when suddenly after 10 years I couldn’t stand one more day as a gym rat. A jog around Lake Union in Seattle, and nudging from a friend, inspired me to run the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. When that went better than expected I decided to carry on training for my first marathon that October (Portland 2009).

Arielle Running Boston Marathon 2011

Then there was injury. Then I BQ’d. Then there was more injury. And Boston. And more injury.

I started swimming and cycling as a means to keep fit while I couldn’t run, but once I experienced triathlon as it’s own sport – not 3 put together – I was hooked. I enjoyed the lifestyle of the sport, but more then anything I loved waking up every day to something fresh, I loved that every workout and training session was new. (I still love that). One Olympic distance race in July 2011 was all it took, and I had my heart set on an Ironman. So with 1 Olympic and 1 Sprint triathlon under my belt I volunteered at Ironman Canada 2011 and lined up to register for Ironman Canada 2012 the next morning.

When I’m not swimming, biking or running (not a frequent occurrence) I work in hydration and enjoy eating delicious food and drinking (way too much) wine. I have the most amazing husband who is my #1 fan and I couldn’t do this sport without his support, smiles, love, and laughter.

Questions? Comments? You can contact me at arielledora (at) nuun (dot) com.


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  1. kruzmeister

    I too hope to complete an Ironman, but mine will be a few years away and on the other side of the world. Good luck with all of your training and your journey! – Simone 🙂

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